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· 10 min read

It's sad to see populations poisoned by bad food. The resulting obesity, mental effects, and health effects are holding back entire populations, particularly in the USA. These should be grand times with the healthiest people in history. We have massive food surpluses, a massive reduction in back-breaking labor, lots more time, health care systems etc. And yet, many populations around the world are less healthy across the board than they were a century ago. It's a root cause of many of the western world's problems including depression, failing government, stalling innovation, cultural degeneration, etc. For example, the covid pandemic was not so much a problem of the virus, as a problem of an unhealthy population that could not cope with the virus. The US's growing debt issues and government failures are fundamentally problems of an unhealthy population that requires outsize health care expense for reduced capability.

Listing some health principles online is just about the only thing I can do to help. There probably aren't many good studies to support some of these recommendations, and in any case, I find online posts that cite papers a bit conceited with their "science says so" attitude that has fallen so low with the replication crisis. Besides, it's silly to expect reliable studies for effects that are so difficult to measure over long periods and that run against commercial and government interests. Keep in mind, there haven’t always existed studies saying lobotomies or tobacco were bad. I will make these recommendations even though they are somewhat unsupported and speculative because I trust myself to interpret and extrapolate what I see in everyday life to reach good enough conclusions.

· 6 min read

The Cold War left the United States with various reserves and stockpiles in the event of war. These include the Strategic National Stockpile for medical equipment, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and various depots for munitions, military equipment, aircraft, infrastructure, lithium and rare earth minerals. Hopefully USA gov is competent enough to also keep non-public depots for critical infrastructure components like nuclear fuel, transformers, copper, etc.

I want to bring attention to an additional, unofficial stockpile representing perhaps the USA's most significant national security advantage: the Strategic Fat Stockpile. The USA has a 112 day fat stockpile, more than 5x Russia’s paltry 21 day stockpile.

Fat stockpile by country.
Population Average Stockpile, in days, by Country