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Design for Cost Methods

· 5 min read

The abstract to my master's thesis in nuclear engineering titled: Design for Cost Methodology Applied to High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors

RX Power
Figure 1 Design space under random sampling showing effect of RX Power on the Levelized Cost of Electricity.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is like a Toyota Corolla – an order of magnitude cheaper than competitor’s “high performance” rocket systems, the Ferraris, but achieving the same basic transport requirements with greater reliability and safety. Before Falcon, space launch was a Ferrari-like industry, with handmade, highly specialized, extremely expensive vehicles targeting government customers and fully complicit in the inefficiencies of government contracting. Similarly, the nuclear industry produces and still designs Ferrari-like fission reactors, with high performance metrics in terms of power density and unit power, at a megaproject scale, but with high system and operational complexity, extreme development cost, numerous part counts, and very low production and deployment rates that still require human-machine interface to meet societal safety objectives. The demand for nuclear Ferraris in the U.S., particularly within non-traditional energy utilities is very low, as few competent utilities want unique reactors with such high capital costs, running at such high power that low probability accidents can have offsite consequences. Where is the nuclear Corolla?

Reduced Distortion Eye-Ware

· 5 min read

Spherical Eye-ware Concept

Reduced Distortion Protective Eye-Ware

This is part of the design thesis aiming for

  1. Physically derived functionality
  2. Conformity to human needs
  3. Reduced constraints from manufacturing and cost